sma black knights show up ready!!!

In their third year at the national raider competition, the sma black knights showed up in force once again, ready to face all teams from across the nation.  missing a mixed team this year, the male and female teams fought long and hard, and left everything on the field. at the end of the day, the male team finished 5th overall.  they battled it out at every event and made each and every person rooting for them as proud as they could be.  congratulations men! 

having suffered the devastating 2nd place finish last year, after tying for 1st place (and losing the tie breaker), the lady black knights were ready to set the record straight this year.  they competed like the champions they are and when the final scores were announced, they managed to once again tie for first.  ironically enough, they once again lost the tie-breaker (to the same team as the previous year).  although they were heart-broken, like the male team, the coaches and family members were so extremely proud of them (all)!  no one could ask for them to give as much as they did.  as they always are, they were humble in victory and gracious in defeat. both teams left georgia that day vowing that next year it would be different.

raider nationals 2014!!!