The following list of names are those that have donated in any amount to help the sma raiders in their quest for raider excellence!  any and every little bit helps as we try to do more and more for the kids on our team each and every year.  thank you to everyone that helps make their time on the raider team rewarding in more ways than one!

the parents (a.k.a, the "raider moms"/dads)

There is not a team in our school that would be half as effective as it is were it not for the support of our parents.  Words cannot express our gratitude for all of your assistance in helping to make our cadets, you sons and daughters, such and integral part of the raider team.  we, the coaches of the black knight raiders have been blessed to have the best parents/chaperones....friends to help with every aspect of the raider campout, competitions, fund raisers and other various activities.  Don't you ever leave us!  :-)

sma staff

if not for the support of the teachers, maintenance department, administration and fellow instructors, our tasks would have been over-whelming most of the time.  in a growing school like sma, there were already a lot of moving parts and as the wheel keeps turning, things are just getting bigger and better.  sometimes that makes it harder to be as accommodating by everyone across the board.  on behalf of all the extra-curricular activities at sma, thank you to you all for the assistance you provide on a daily basis.  and on behalf of the raiders, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you just isn't enough. thanks for the extra work on academics, assistance with equipment/storage issues, administrative and financial assistance, and of course, for continually buying cookie dough twice a year!!!

Mr. ray Shannon

Mr. Shannon has opened his home and property to the jrotc units of manatee and Sarasota county for years.  many of the local raider challenges have been held at the wachula hunt club (that we affectionately call "camp Shannon") over the last couple years.  sma's black knight raiders enjoy a special relationship with mr. Shannon, his son  matt and we can't forget judy.  for all your help, support, and every little thing you do to help make our events successful and giving the kids somewhere great to learn and compete, thank you, thank you, thank you.

friends of the raiders

Thank you to:

thank you to our many "friends of the raiders" who have assisted our team both financially and with their time/equipment and help!  we absolutely could not do all that we do without the support of the Sarasota military academy, alumni, parents, students, and friends in the community!